25 up! Agon Systems continues to expand

Agon’s continued expansion during 2019 has seen the company reach a significant milestone, as its most recent recruitment takes the total number of employees to 25.

Back in May 2014, when CEO Sean Welch acquired the business, there were just 5 members of staff, so the last five-and-a-bit years has seen a rapid increase in numbers as the business has grown significantly.

There are now four people in the Sales and Marketing department, seven in Operations and Logistics, a further seven in Engineering and IT, three in Customer Service and Support and two in Finance, in addition to the two company directors.



Lisa Coleman, who was the first member of staff to join under the new management team back in 2014, said “The company certainly looks a bit different now to when I started, but although there’s lots more people on the team, the great atmosphere’s still the same – probably even better! Working at Agon’s always been great fun, and I love coming to work as much now as I did when there were only five of us.”

Agon’s most recent addition to the team is European Account Manager Rui Miguel Coelho.

Elaine Allen, who deals with HR issues as part of her role, gives some insight into the challenges faced when scaling a team so quickly;

“When you reach a certain size, it inevitably becomes more important to have the right processes and systems in place to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ve worked closely with Rix & Kay Gatekeeper Employment Services to create a whole raft of documents and policies to make sure we’re not only complying with best practice but establishing ourselves as a great employer.”



The Agon leadership team invests in a great working environment and makes sure there’s time in the busy work schedules to allow for social and team-building events to build a strong, positive culture within the organisation.

Elaine goes on to say, “Creating a great culture and making sure we have a motivated and happy team is just as important as the less exciting stuff. We make sure we have regular staff gatherings so everyone feels involved in the business and knows what’s going on, and we have plenty of social events; we usually have a meal out to celebrate someone’s birthday and just now we’re planning our Christmas celebrations!”

Agon has further plans for expansion in the future, and will always adhere to its policy to actively recruit gifted individuals that enhance the Agon Systems brand.

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