Agon Systems core values demand the highest standards of quality in everything we do; from the smallest components used in our products through to customer service and support. Behind these values is a vastly experienced and passionate management team, committed to ensuring Agon Systems is at the forefront of the EAS industry.

Sean Welch

CEO of the Agon Group

Sean has over 20 years’ experience in the EAS industry and founded one of the first independent EAS businesses in the UK in 1994. Over the next 10 years, the business grew to one of the most successful in the UK and as a result was the subject of a multi-million pound acquisition by a company listed on The London Stock Exchange.

In 2008, Sean founded a new EAS company, based in the UK and operating throughout Europe. When the opportunity arose to acquire Agon Systems in Switzerland, Sean set about merging the two businesses and totally re-branded the company in 2014 to mark this exciting new chapter in its history.

Hans U Liechti

Head of Engineering and R&D

Hans began his EAS career in 1989 as Head of Test Procedures at Actron Security, before being promoted to Head of Quality Control. Actron was eventually sold to Checkpoint, where he stayed on and continued to work during the handover.

In 1997 Hans left Checkpoint and joined Agon Systems as Head of Engineering and R&D. His role is to ensure that Agon utilises high quality and high performing electronics to power its range of EAS systems. His role also requires him to ensure the strict quality control procedures that Agon has are implemented rigorously.

Hans has over 25 years’ experience of manufacturing and electronic development experience in the EAS industry. Hans also speaks fluent German, English and French.

Tony McCreanney

Head of Sales

After a couple of years out of the working world taking it easy following the sale of a successful property business, Tony started working at Agon Systems in 2016.

Having known Agon's MD Sean Welch personally for a number of years, Tony was so impressed when he heard of the results from retailers using the Concept Tag that he subsequently joined the company.

He now works to grow the Concept Tag brand internationally and build the number of global retailers using this revolutionary technology.