Agon Systems overcome supply chain issues

Sean Welch, CEO at Agon Systems, recently featured in the Sunday Times in respect of ongoing global issues with supply chains and how Agon have reacted.

Global supply chain issues

The Sunday Times was reporting on the supply chain issues faced by global industries since the start of the pandemic, and in particular, how the car industry may suffer losses of £150 billion as a result of not being able to get certain parts. Agon Systems have also been affected and struggled to get the radio frequency identification (RFID) chips needed for our retail security products.

The challenge for Agon

The vital RFID chips have been out of stock for three months, as the car industry grabs and absorbs any available resources. In addition to this, shipping delays and spiralling container costs as part of an overall container crisis have added to the challenges currently faced by Agon along with many other industries.

Agon’s response

Sean Welch, CEO at Agon Systems, explains the impact these issues are having and how Agon are managing to continue to fulfil their client obligations,

Consignments are arriving up to two weeks or more late and shipping costs have lept from pre Covid prices of $2,500 to $21,000. We’re doing what we can to mitigate the impact of this for our clients by holding higher than usual stocks and as a result we have managed to fulfil all our client orders without altering our product line. I’m optimistic that as the economy slowly recovers from the pandemic, the situation will now start to stabilise.

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