Agon Systems is the only EAS manufacturer in the world that has the flexibility to offer a bespoke design service for your EAS antenna.

If your retail design team is looking for bespoke EAS systems that seamlessly complement your brand identity or store concept and you have enough volume, Agon Systems will work with you to design a completely bespoke, tailor-made EAS system for your store.

Working to your requirements

Working closely alongside your Retail Design Team, Agon Systems’ designers can develop unique and bespoke EAS systems that completely complement your retail environment.

For some retailers this may mean us producing the equipment in a specific colour or adding a logo to the acrylic panels. Whilst in other cases we have given the EAS antenna a vintage look or designed a totally new antenna just for a specific project.  Our designers can work with you to create a design for your system that fits your brand perfectly.

As you would expect of a Swiss company, we have a great deal of pride in the work we do and take a great deal of satisfaction from fulfilling our clients’ needs.

Bespoke EAS systems that blend into your retail environment, complementing your branding, yet offering a top quality anti theft system.

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