Footasylum first started working with Agon Systems in September 2017. Footasylum had growing theft issues in store and existing security tags were no longer providing adequate protection of stock.

The trial

Two stores were selected to proceed with a trial of the Concept Tag.  In January of 2018, the trial was extended to stores in Westfield, Stratford and Westfield, White City.

The results

After trials in all four stores over a period of 6 to 9 months results were collated and an impressive reduction in loss of over 50% was confirmed!

Footasylum then embarked on a roll out of the Concept Tag starting in October 2018 in an initial 10 stores. Since then, they’ve introduced the Concept Tags to all their new stores, and further roll outs have followed. It is expected that the final roll out will be completed in late summer of 2021, meaning all Footasylum stores around the UK will be benefiting from substantial reductions in loss via theft, whilst at the same time seeing greater stock availability for customers and providing a nicer customer experience due to far lower levels of criminal activity.

The future

Agon has now also been asked to provide its impressive EAS systems alongside Concept Tag, allowing for remote service of the systems to speed up response times, and easy use advertising panels.

Tony McCreanney at Agon Systems is delighted with the results to date,

Footasylum has grown quickly over a relatively short period, due to its fantastic product offering, however this also attracted the attention of shoplifters who could easily sell on the goods. This is where Agon were able to step in providing Concept Tag to help lockdown the stock in store and vastly reduce losses. We were incredibly pleased to see that reductions in loss were in excess of 50%, but not surprised, as all clients see this level of reduction or more.

Paul Turner, Footasylum’s Retail Profit Protection Manager, added,

Concept Tag has had a huge impact on our business, and it is reassuring to know that the protection it offers, is equally matched by the ongoing support from Agon. For Footasylum, it is important that our approach to Profit Protection is always striving to be ahead, just as our stores are.