Agon Systems has been a partner supplier to JD Sports for over 20 years, and in that time, JD has expanded from being a UK based retailer with 170 stores into a dominant global retailer with over 3,000 stores. As with any significant growth, this has meant increased and evolving security requirements.

As a result, during their partnership, Agon Systems has installed EAS systems, EAS tags, footfall solutions, Foil Bag detection systems and even JD branded consumable items for merchandising.

The introduction of recycling

In addition to supplying new products, Agon also operate a tag recycling solution, so that JD can offset some of the environmental impact of using plastic EAS tags. Since its implementation 7 years ago we have recycled over 12,500 boxes of tags or the equivalent in height if stacked on top of each other as 7 Eiffel Towers!

Read more about our recycling initiative.

The Concept Tag initiative

By far the most exciting project of all has been the development and implementation of Concept Tag across the JD Sports group. This was as a result of JD requesting an alternative solution to standard EAS tags. These tags were no longer providing the protection to stock that was required and had not done so for many years mainly because standard tags hadn’t really changed in over 20 years.

Agon Systems rose to the challenge and developed the revolutionary Concept Tag. In store trials commenced in 2014 with JD providing important feedback allowing us to make several further alterations to the design over the next 18 months.

Early rollout demonstrates impressive result

Initially installed into one of JD’s most demanding locations, Westfield Stratford in London’s East End, JD saw impressive results. As a result, Concept Tag was rolled out to 5 of JD’s largest regional flagships, increasing to 12 stores shortly after. The results from these stores were exceptional with an average loss reduction per store of 66% when compared to traditional EAS tags used previously.

Due to these phenomenal results JD implemented a roll out plan, installing Concept Tag into all existing stores and with all new stores having it specified as standard.

Close-up shot of the Concept Tag EAS tagging system on a blue polo shirt

Additional benefits

Whilst JD were impressed with the loss reduction results, they also found other benefits, such as greater stock availability helping to increase sales and as a result improved customer satisfaction. Store managers also reported a more relaxed store environment, due to lower levels of criminal activity.

Ongoing success

Today JD Sports uses Concept Tag in all their stores around the world from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK and all across the EU and this makes a major contribution to maintaining JD’s industry leading shrinkage figures.

Agon Systems also continue to install Bex EAS antennas with built in Footfall Counting, Foil Bag Detection and remote service across all JD stores in the UK and EU, which we support from our Warehouse and Office premises located in UK and Spain. And Agon is now looking forward to the next 20 years and the initiatives and developments the future will bring.