Since 2012, Agon Systems has worked closely with Sprinter, one of Spain’s largest sports retailers. Sprinter asked Agon Systems to provide an EAS solution that provided not only protection of their stock, but also valuable People Counting information, Remote Support and the ability for Marketing promotions within the pedestal design.

As a result, Agon has upgraded the complete Sprinter estate from the previous Sensormatic equipment to the more aesthetically-pleasing Bex System. This pedestal design incorporates everything that Sprinter required from its EAS system.

Agon Systems has installed several hundred systems across the length and breadth of Spain, all of which are now remotely supported by Sprinter’s own security technical support team. The team was trained by Agon Systems in all aspects of remote service, however in the event of a more unusual problem Agon Systems in Switzerland has remote access to provide additional technical support. This ensures any complex service issues are responded to in minutes rather than days.

The People Counting information is transmitted hourly back to a server installed at the Sprinter Head Office in Elche, south-east Spain, meaning that Sprinter has complete control over who sees this sensitive company information.

One of the major benefits of the Bex design is the ease at which the advertising panels can be replaced. These panels are held in place by magnets and a store can change the marketing material within minutes and without any fuss or use of tools.