Tally Weijl has more than 800 stores situated all over Europe, all protected by Agon EAS systems.

Agon Systems and Tally Weijl have been working together closely for over 10 years.  We believe it’s Agon Systems’ core values and ability to be flexible to a customer’s specific requirements that create such strong customer loyalty.

For many years Tally Weijl has utilised the Bespoke Design service offered by Agon Systems and has recently begun installing their 3rd generation of bespoke design.

Tally Weijl originally started with the Vezia pedestal, which was designed to their specification and had the Tally Weijl logo printed onto the base. As the store designs changed so did the requirement of the pedestal and as a result they decided to go with the acrylic Lugano pedestal, but to add their own style we laser-etched the company’s famous “bunny rabbit” logo on to the base and finished the design off by lighting the product with the company’s chosen colour.

More recently the requirement has changed again. This time it was agreed that the Bex pedestal would be the ideal product, however they wanted to again add their own unique feel, so our design team came up with the idea of giving the pedestal a “vintage” look. This involved the pedestal going through a special galvanised treatment and having copper plating applied before being heated. All this is done by hand and when finished provides an exceptional and authentic vintage look.

These vintage designs are now being installed into all new Tally Weijl stores, with the majority currently going to Italy as the company rapidly grows its store presence in that country.