The problem of illicit tag removal

A major and growing problem in the EAS industry is that of illicit tag removal; most commonly carried out by thieves with access to detachers.

Many retailers are reporting that losses directly resulting from this tactic are increasing rapidly, with some disclosing figures as high as 30% or more. This has not been helped with high profile TV shows highlighting the easy availability of detachers on the Internet.

The answer – the Concept Tag

In 2014, JD Sports agreed to undertake the world’s first major trial for the revolutionary Concept Tag. This tag has taken seven years and a huge amount of financial investment to perfect, but due to the massive losses being faced by retailers, Agon Systems felt the problem simply had to be addressed.

The Concept Tag is removed via a releaser that separates the tag and pin in a completely new way, requiring power that is not possible to replicate without the releaser itself. The Concept Tag also has enormous strength against brute-force attacks by thieves using items like screwdrivers. It would need a shoplifter to impart over 50kgs of pressure to separate the tag, something that’s not possible without damaging the garment, which renders the item worthless and therefore means there’s no advantage in trying to steal the items.

JD Sports has fitted 15,000 Concept Tags into one of its most high profile stores at Westfield, Stratford. Due to the success of the initial trial, it’s now been extended and a further 100,000 tags are due to roll out into five of the companies largest stores.