Concept Tag trial starting in 2 DTLR stores

US sports and leisurewear brand DTLR is based mainly on the East Coast and has grown to over 250 stores since it started out in Baltimore in 1983. We are starting a trial of the Concept Tag in two stores: Hamden, Connecticut and Waterbury, Connecticut with 10,000 tags going to each store.

DTLR store

With this trial of the Concept Tag about to start, Agon Systems is looking forward to demonstrating again the huge impact our technology can have on reducing theft and deterring in-store violence.

Better security for more retailers with Concept Tag

DTLR logo

DTLR (which stands for Dare to Live Right) prides itself on offering the hottest and latest fashions while championing community empowerment. Its community outreach programme “Better Together” works with brand partners, local influencers and non-profits to make a difference, which you can see for yourself in a series of short videos on a back to school programme they ran in September.

Community outreach is an integral part of the brand’s ethos and yet this doesn’t make DTLR immune to the general US trend of increasing losses due to theft and, more worryingly, the rise of violent shop theft.

A solution that deters shoplifters and violent crime

Relying on store staff to intimidate or overpower shoplifters is less and less effective for a few reasons:

  • US labour shortages means retail outlets are understaffed
  • organised retail crime gangs working together to target stores
  • increasing use of weapons by thieves leads to escalation and danger to life

Security tags present an obvious alternative, but the problem with traditional EAS systems and tags is they’re too easy to defeat. They don’t create a deterrent, because shoplifters know that they can remove the tag either outside the shop or even while still on the premises. Providing they get away, they can resell the stolen items.

This is where the concept tag is different. Its revolutionary locking mechanism requires over 60kgs of pressure to remove the tag. It’s virtually impossible to remove without seriously damaging the item, making it impossible to sell on. The thieves move on to easier targets and your store becomes a safe, more relaxed place for staff and shoppers.

We can’t wait to see the results coming in from the trial with DTLR. We are continually evolving our products to create the best loss prevention technology and support our retailers to achieve their ambitions.

Interested in starting your own trial and seeing a reduction in loss of up to 75%? Get in touch.

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