EAS says goodbye to Hans U Liechti

Having spent more than 30 years in the EAS industry, Agon’s Head of Engineering, Hans U Liechti, based in Switzerland is retiring.

Hans is almost unique in the industry as someone who not only designed EAS antenna but has also designed electronic boards.

An illustrious career

Having started his career in EAS at Actron Systems in 1989 as Head of Test Procedures, Hans also held a variety of roles over the years including Head of Quality Control. After the acquisition of Actron by Checkpoint, he stayed on to ensure a smooth transition before joining Agon Systems in 1997 as head of Engineering and R&D.

An integral part of the team, Hans has been a tremendous asset to Agon and responsible for ensuring strict quality control and for introducing many important new developments in Agon’s range of EAS products.

A dedicated team member

In his typical style he didn’t want to retire until he had completed a project to upgrade all Agon’s range of electronic boards (Mono, RX and TX) including updating our remote diagnostic equipment.

We owe Hans an enormous debt of gratitude for his dedication over the years and he’ll be greatly missed both by his colleagues at Agon and also by the industry as a whole on which he has undoubtedly left his mark. We wish him a very happy retirement enjoying the magnificent mountains of Switzerland!

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