Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) equipment designed with a vintage look for Tally Weijl

tally-weijltally-weijltally-weijltally-weijlElectronic Article Surveillance (EAS) equipment often looks identical from one store to the next, in the worst examples offering not much more than a utilitarian look.

tally-weijltally-weijlElectronic Article SurveillanceAgon Systems is the only EAS manufacturer in the world that has the flexibility to offer a bespoke design service for your antenna, ensuring your pedestals complement your brand identity. Agon will work with you or your retails design team to create a completely bespoke, tailor-made system for your store.

Tally Weijl has more than 800 stores across Europe, all protected by Agon Electronic Surveillance Systems.

For over 10 years, Agon and Tally Weijl have worked closely together utilising the Bespoke Design service, and work has recently started on installing the 3rd generation of bespoke designs throughout stores across Europe.

This time round, the Bex pedestal was agreed to be the best product, but to add a unique feel, our design team came up with the idea of giving the pedestal a “vintage” look.

This involved the electronic article surveillance antenna going through a special galvanised treatment process and having copper plating applied before being heated. All this is done by hand to create an exceptionally authentic vintage look.