Exciting new Hyperguard booster bag detection update

Alert Systems and Agon have successfully worked together for a number of years to provide improved levels of in store security and shoplifting prevention, combining Hyperguard installations with Agon antennas fitted into the store entrance pedestals. And now Agon are excited to be part of Hyperguard’s significant new update.

Ongoing success

The Hyperguard / Agon installation has already been providing a high level of proactive shoplifting prevention, with stores being alerted to people entering the store with booster bags and tag releasers as they enter. The system is also designed so that it isn’t triggered by trolleys or sliding doors which could cause intrusive and potentially obstructive distractions.

The impact of this proactive approach is significant, with criminals being intercepted before a crime has been committed which in turn impacts the customer experience. Without the need for aggressive intervention to detain someone who is making off with stolen items, ordinary shoppers can enjoy a calmer, more pleasant environment. Alert Systems and Agon have worked closely together to successfully roll out this technology across the UK and Europe.

Exciting new upgrade 

Inspired by new doorbell technology, the latest Hyperguard upgrade not only discretely notifies security by way of an App when someone enters the store with any type of booster bag, but it also sends a photograph of the perpetrator. The would-be thief can then be swiftly and unobtrusively identified, and the theft prevented.

The system is also operated online so that users can log in remotely to access all data, updates are quick and easy to perform and Agon are able to provide even higher levels of ongoing remote support. The upgrade will be launched this summer.

Troels Garibaldi Falkenberg, CEO Alert Systems, said of the Alert / Agon partnership,

“It’s fantastic to work with Agon. Alert and Agon are very closely aligned and both companies are extremely agile. That means there is a very short distance comparatively from idea to execution and it drives a very dynamic and creative environment with increased speed to market. We’re already providing the world’s most advanced noise filters to filter out false alarms and this new upgrade takes security to a new level.”

Sean Welch, CEO at Agon Systems explained the importance of these latest developments,

“The Alert Hyperguard product is recognised as being the premium solution for Foil Bag detection in the world, and this reputation is only going to improve with the launch of this App based technology.

Being able to download the App to mobile devices in store (removing the need for Pagers) and alerting staff with an alarm and an image of the potential thief direct to their iPad or iPhone is a major step forward.”

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