New Look trials Concept Tag in 2 UK stores

Shoplifters are now being thwarted in the Leeds and Peterborough branches of New Look, thanks to a trial of the Concept Tag. The Peterborough store employees have already noticed thieves coming into the store, looking at the tags and walking out!

New Look shopfront

Agon Systems works in partnership with Checkpoint Systems, a US company supplying security and loss prevention systems to New Look. This trial came about following the Concept Tag’s strong performance in a trial with Urban Outfitters, who are also supplied by Checkpoint Systems.

Growth of a high street brand

New Look started as a single shop in Somerset in 1969. Since then it has expanded and now operates 440 stores worldwide and sells to 53 countries through its website. In 2022 it generated £839.5m in revenue. Despite the current economic climate, the chain has opened a brand new store this month at Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland, which involved an investment of approximately £1m.

It’s good to see a well-loved high street brand like New Look making investments in growth. Agon Systems and Checkpoint Systems are confident the Concept Tag trial will also fuel growth, by leading to a bigger roll-out that will provide significant protection of profits. The Leeds store has 13,500 tags and the Peterborough store has 9,500 tags and we can’t wait to see the results.

Don’t gamble on retail loss prevention

Protecting those profits to fuel growth and expansion is absolutely vital for any retailer. We’re seeing store theft in the UK increasing and, more alarmingly, following the US trend of increasing violence, leaving retailers with little choice but to invest in new methods to reduce theft. An even better solution is deterring shoplifters from entering the store in the first place.

The Concept Tag is not like other security tags, it is truly next generation technology. Its patented tag detacher is mechanical, not magnetic, making the tags virtually impossible to remove without damaging the items. With the prospect of an utterly useless haul, thieves give up to go and find an easier target. Don’t take our word for it though: as the number of successful trials grows rapidly the Concept Tag is proving its power. Trials with John Lewis & Partners, Footasylum and others have shown the Concept Tag reduces shoplifting by at least 50%.

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