Over the last 20 years, Agon Systems has produced some of the most reliable EAS systems available anywhere in the world.  Always at the forefront of innovation, Agon Systems has designed and engineered many industry-leading improvements to the electronics, that power its security systems and developed many adaptations to the designs of the EAS antenna.

Although many of these changes and improvements can’t be seen, they have allowed us to produce a system that performs to its maximum abilities in almost any environment.

High performance across the board

Agon’s Electronic Article Surveillance, EAS systems are unique in that the same high performance boards are used in all our products. This means no matter which design of EAS system you choose, you’ll be guaranteed a high quality product with unrivalled reliability and an industry-leading five year parts warranty.

All Agon Systems Antenna designs are available in either Rx/Tx or Transceiver options.

Agon Systems pays attention to the smallest details; even our packaging has been designed to withstand a 20kg Antenna being dropped from 1.5m.

Our product range

Quality. Reliability. Durability.

Agon Systems provides unrivalled quality of anti theft equipment for retail business, whether it’s through our range of EAS tags or the Concept Tag solution.