The Davos EAS Antenna is Agon Systems’ classic design, providing the balance of an incredibly durable product that looks good and offers high performance in any environment.

The Davos system is a tremendously stable and reliable EAS system that’s trusted by thousands of retailers. Built to withstand the “hard knocks” of the retail environment, it’s powered by our latest electronics which provides Remote Support via the optional NCC (Network Control Centre) Box.

Technically superb, beautifully designed

This EAS system’s popularity with retailers is extremely high, due to the many technical refinements that have been developed and implemented, combined with a timeless design. The high quality phosphate coated steel is first painted silver and then powder coated with a clear lacquer for optimal protection. We can apply a specific lacquer finish for you on request.

Advertise products at the entrance to increase sales

A one-piece transparent acrylic panel is mounted vertically between the crossbars, allowing quick and easy attachment of notices or advertisements. Research has shown sales of the product being promoted by the retailer at the door entrance increase by 10%. The acrylic panel additionally prevents children from climbing on the antenna.

Wide aisle specialist

Being equipped with the very latest in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, this elegant and robust system achieves excellent detection in wide aisles up to 2 metres, depending on the type and quality of tags used. A separate People Counter is optionally available for statistical analysis.

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