Elegantly and gracefully designed, the Lugano is a transparent acrylic glass EAS antenna ideal for a modern, fashionable store. At your request, we can engrave your logo on to the glass and use coloured LED lighting to match your store’s brand identity.

Hard-wearing finish

The powder-coated, scratch-resistant EAS antenna base is designed to cope with the day-to-day wear and tear of a busy retail store, meaning less maintenance and a longer product lifespan. The base is available in pure white with chrome-plated covers or in stainless steel.

Lugano can be supplied as a standard Rx/Tx system or as a Transceiver Antenna; the major benefit of the latter is that on larger entrances less antenna are required.

Remote Support

Remote Support is available via the optional NCC (Network Control Centre) Box. Unfortunately, due to the design being all acrylic, the option to have in-built People Counting isn’t available on the Lugano system.

People Counting can however be fitted as an optional extra to the door frame and linked to the NCC box so the information is transmitted hourly to your desired location.

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