Agon Systems is proud to introduce Sion, the NEW entry-level EAS system. Designed to be a universal system for medium to wide aisles, it covers over 2m with a 50mm hard tag or 5×5 label.

Its robust construction, combined with superior electronics employing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) evaluation, guarantees an interference-free operation.

Sleek and modern design

The Sion System can also be linked to a Network Control Centre (NCC) to provide Remote Support. This feature has enormous benefits to the retailer; enabling it to dramatically reduce the down time of the EAS systems and saving the cost of sending an engineer to site.

Agonet Software options

The Agonet Software is able to provide the retailer with a wide range of information, including the volume and exact times of alarm activations. It also enables the remote service provider to see if these are genuine or false alarms. A separate People Counter is optionally available for statistical analysis.

High quality as standard

The Sion is driven by the same high quality, reliable and durable electronics that are installed in every Agon EAS pedestal system that leaves our factory in Switzerland.

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