As you would expect from a major manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the EAS tagging industry, Agon Systems supplies the complete range of all EAS Tags for total retail security and because of our Swiss heritage, we don’t compromise on quality.

Longevity and better performance

All the security EAS tags that Agon Systems source, come from highly respected manufacturers and we insist on only the best quality, which means copper wound coils and electronics-grade capacitors. This not only guarantees longevity, but also provides dramatically enhanced performance. This is particularly noticeable in high-interference environments where the use of poor-quality EAS tags results in intermittent response on the EAS system, which in turn produces higher stock losses.

Protection for all products

Agon Systems is a versatile and flexible supplier of all EAS Systems and retail security and are able to protect almost every product sold in the retail environment.  In the 20 years we have been trading we have sold hundreds of millions of security tags, protecting a diverse range of products from shirts to camping stoves and bags to bottles.

Agon Systems Security EAS Tags are available in a variety of lock strengths and colours to suit your individual needs. We also offer the option to have your company logo placed on the EAS Tags to further enhance your brand and security.

Agon has worked in collaboration to develop the revolutionary new Concept Tag, which offers an unyielding and almost impenetrable anti theft design, which will help to reverse the growing theft problem within the retail industry.