Due to the close business relationships that Agon Systems has managed to set up over its 20 year history, we’re able to offer a diverse range of retail accessories.  Agon Systems is the preferred supplier for many  retailers for much more than just security products.

Retail accessories product range

  • Display and marketing accessories
  • Brand awareness products
  • Fitting room item management
  • Size cubes
  • Bags for point of sale
  • Bags for retail

Fitting room item management

Agon’s fitting room system is the first in the world to have a built-in security tag, which provides an added level of protection for your stock and additional support to you staff.

Brand awareness products

Agon Systems supplies one of its larger clients with over a million display footwear shields per year to highlight the fact that certain footwear products in the store are unique to them and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Our design team worked closely with the retailers designers to create and produce the shields, which have now become sought after in their own right and provide fantastic brand promotion.

Other clients request that Agon Systems supply items for brand and new store awareness.  These items are then given away; for instance when a store opens in a new location.

Agon Systems prides itself on being able to design and source a wide variety of products and provide innovative ideas when working with major retail marketing departments.

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