Retail Loss Prevention has been a problem for retailers going back as far as retail itself. Where there are goods of value in a shop, criminals will try to steal them; this has always been the case.

Over the last 20 years, Agon Systems has produced some of the most reliable retail loss prevention systems in the world.  Always at the forefront of innovation, Agon Systems has designed and engineered many industry-leading improvements to the electronics that power its EAS systems and developed many adaptations to the designs of the EAS antenna.

Agon leads the race against shoplifters and organised criminals to help protect retailers against the massive losses incurred each year as a result of illegal activity.

A new weapon – The Concept Tag

The most recent innovation from Agon introduces a new weapon to this battle; The Concept Tag – the most exciting advance in EAS tagging and retail security systems, since the retail security tag industry was born almost 30 years ago.

The Concept Tag is unyielding when faced with shoplifters. Its almost impenetrable anti-theft design makes it resistant to even the most persistent and determined of thieves.

With the launch of The Concept Tag, retailers can now look forward to a reversal of the ever-growing problem of “Illicit tag removal”. For many years now the apparent ease at which security tag releasers can be purchased via the internet has resulted in a dramatic increase in retail stock loss.

Unique locking mechanism

The Concept Tag is a revolutionary new EAS tagging design that is removed in a totally unique way. It’s almost impossible to replicate the way in which the security tag is removed; even trying to force The Concept Tag off would require more than 60kgs of pressure. It is simply not possible to put this amount of pressure through an implement such as a screwdriver whilst holding a tag. Such attempts would result in damage to the garment or potential injury to the thief.

Continuing to lead the way in Retail Loss Prevention

Agon has been working with the inventors who have spent nearly 10 years to bring The Concept Tag to market and will continue to innovate and find new ways to improve Retail Loss Prevention.