What is People Counting Software?

People Counting software that’s integrated into an EAS System, provides more accurate data than a standalone system, specifically designed for the task.

What is People Counting Software?

People Counting, or Retail Customer Tracking, refers to the collection of data to record the number of people visiting a particular retail store. By keeping track of the number of visitors and providing easy-to-use and accurate data, Agon Systems People Counting enables retailers to increase individual store performance.

People Counting works via sensors that detect when someone walks past, recording this information to help retailers understand which stores are most profitable. By knowing more about customers’ shopping behaviour, decision-makers are armed with sophisticated analytics with which to review business strategy.

People Counting SystemsThe problem with standalone People Counting software

The way many People Counting systems work, means that everyone who passes within range of the sensors is recorded, including children. Standalone systems will have sensors sited near floor level or overhead, so have no way of distinguishing between different types of “shopper”.

Integrated People Counting provides accurate data

Agon Systems People Counting software is integrated within the EAS pedestal and positioned at approximately 1.45 metres, above the height of most children, which means only adults – who tend to be the actual customers – are recorded. This data relates more closely to information gathered at the till, giving a better overall picture of customer behaviour patterns for that store.

People Counting software data can be accessed via AgoCloud or in larger installations we can set up an Agonet Server based at the client’s Headquarters; providing the client with complete control over who sees this very sensitive company data.

Remote maintenance and support

Remote maintenance further guarantees optimum system operation, should a problem occur. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, our highly qualified engineers will be able to fix the problem remotely, meaning minimal disruption to your business.

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