World’s first secure self-service checkout for security tagged clothes

We’ve all become accustomed to self-service checkouts at the supermarket. The benefits for the retailer are clear:

  • smaller checkouts, so less shop floor space is needed
  • fewer checkout staff needed, reducing staffing costs
  • shorter queueing times, getting more customers through in busy periods

Obviously, the big stumbling block preventing clothes retailers embracing self-service checkout has been security. With retailers losing $100 billion globally each year due to theft, self-service systems simply haven’t been viable. Until now.

Here at Agon Systems we think it’s about time fashion retailers had access to the benefits of self-service. We pushed ahead to create the first system that combines the Concept Tag, which is proven to reduce shoplifting, with a smart self-service checkout system.

Introducing AdvanPay-500 plus Concept Tag

Agon Systems has been working in partnership with Barcelona based Keonn to develop a solution that combines the latest in loss prevention technology with the ease of self-service.

Keonn’s AdvanPay-500 is an RFID system that makes use of a conditional hard tag detacher. The hardware communicates with the POS (point of sale) software to verify which items a customer is purchasing and then which tag has been placed on the detacher. If the tag corresponds to the item that has been paid for, it will be detached. If not, it won’t. There’s no opportunity for a shopper to scan a pair of socks and walk out with a beautifully tailored leather jacket.

AdvanPay-500 plus Concept Tag

The other important part of this equation is Concept Tag, our next generation hard security tag proven to reduce shoplifting loss by 50%. The tags are almost impossible to remove in-store and the patented detacher is deliberately designed to resist replication.

Shortlisted for Australian Fraud Awards

You don’t have to take our word for how good it is: we’ve already been shortlisted for the Australian Fraud Awards 2023 in the ‘Retail Risk management best newcomer’ category.

See for yourself at Euroshop

Keonn will be demonstrating the self-service system at Euroshop, running from the 26th February to the 2nd March. Visit them in hall 5, stall A24.

Keonn demonstrating the self-service system

Supporting high street retailers

Agon Systems is committed to leading the way and our product development never stops. Our mission is to supply the best loss prevention technology, putting the power back in the hands of the retailers.

Contact us if you’re interested in being one of the first to trial our new self-checkout system.

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