Major upgrade to RX board

From the outset of the pandemic, Agon took the decision to use the time to invest in R&D so that when the world finally gets back to normal, we can offer even greater protection and performance and an enhanced product range. All our products already use high performance boards, but we are now delighted to announce that we have a new and improved RX board in production.

RX board improvements

Our new RX boards include improved component parts as well as new features. Of particular significance, the new RX boards come with “jammer” detection which prevents interference with wireless security systems, a common method used to circumnavigate security.

They have also been specifically designed to operate in tandem with the Alert Systems HyperGuard used to detect foiled lined bags, jackets and prams, another common practice used to avoid theft detection. Combining these two products will provide retailers with improved security.

The remote service intervention has also been improved to allow our technicians to make a greater range of adjustments and there is a greater level of flexibility during the set-up process.

Improvements to the TX board

In addition to RX board improvements, Agon has also invested in improvements to the TX board which will include a significant upgrade to the “Live Signals” for remote service intervention.

This allows our office based, remote service technicians to make more adjustments to resolve issues such as poor detection or false alarms meaning a quicker, more efficient system all round. The new TX board improvements will be in production soon.

Higher performance

We’re delighted with this combination of improvements and the new RX board now has greater detection capabilities as well as less interference and more flexibility. In combination with the TX board improvements, this represents another significant improvement in the fight against retail store theft.

If you’d to know more about any of our products or to discuss how we can help improve your security, please get in touch.

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