Swiss accuracy is one of the core values at Agon Systems. Our People Counting Solution provides data that can truly be relied upon.

Increase store performance

By keeping track of the number of visitors and providing easy-to-use and accurate data, Agon Systems People Counting enables retailers to increase individual store performance. In combination with Agonet, you can benefit from full insight into visitor numbers and sales conversion ratios.

Installation options

The majority of our installations that include People Counting have this feature built into the EAS system. This provides increased accuracy and the data is transmitted every hour.

However, we also provide an independent People Counting solution that can be installed at the store entrance, which will also transmit the data hourly.

Complete control over your data

The data can be accessed via AgoCloud or in larger installations we can set up an Agonet Server based at the client’s Headquarters; providing the client with complete control over who sees this very sensitive company data.

Unlike our competitors, Agon Systems makes no ongoing charge for the supply of this data and is unique in allowing its clients to have ownership of the information.

Remote support and maintenance

Remote maintenance further guarantees optimum system operation, should a problem occur. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, our highly qualified engineers will be able to fix the problem remotely, meaning minimal disruption to your business.