Agon Systems has partnered with industry leader Crosscan to deliver Best in Class footfall technology designed to improve store performance and provide KPI data.

98% footfall accuracy

Our innovative 3D people counting sensor technology provides 98% accuracy and allows you to access accurate visitor numbers and sales conversion ratio data. Shadows, shopping trolleys and small children are not counted and specific counting options are available.

Improve store performance

Analysis of the data provides valuable insights into footfall and KPIs. Analyse the impact of the weather and other events, compare stores, and gain greater insight into product performance. Then plan and prepare performance targets, marketing, product ranges, staff scheduling, and store lay outs accordingly.

Fully integrated and easy to access

Data is delivered via the Crosscan Connect platform which provides storage, comparison and evaluation of measured data all of which can be created on an individual company basis. No additional hardware is required for data processing.

Compliant and affordable

Our footfall technology comes with quick and affordable remote maintenance, validation and complete monitoring, and has low energy consumption. It’s also compliant with data privacy regulations as there is no video recording.
Crosscan is one of the largest system providers for retail visitor frequency measurement, with over 800 brands and retailers relying on Crosscan for their data analysis.